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the adi project

for the chains meant to be broken

The Adi Project helps abuse and trauma victims find their identity in Christ so that they can finally live victoriously in their God-given purpose.

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our mission

The Adi Project's goal is to equip non-profits, churches, counseling offices, and individuals with tools to combat trauma and abuse victim's lost identities and bring true healing through Christ. "Adi" is the main character from Kristen Zuray's "The Repemption of Adi" book series. She represents those who have struggled with their relationship with Christ, have lost their identity to the hands of abuse and trauma. This series has become a proven discipleship and counseling tool for people seeking healing and restoration of their identity. We have seen this series become a tool to bring Jesus into places that have clearly cast Him out. 

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If you are passionate about helping others experience freedom, please purchase a book and mail it directly to one of our partners. These organizations work on the front lines helping various trauma and abuse victims who will have access to the books.


Can a bag of coffee impact someone's life?  Trail Youth's coffee is designed to do just that.  With words of affirmation stamped on every bag, this is the perfect gift to remind someone of their value and worth.  With every bag of coffee purchased, the money goes back into Trail Youth's nonprofit to help youth discover their potential.  To learn more, visit their website or watch how Mike Rowe surprised me with my very own coffee shop!

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