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faith Books

Faith books is a collection of allegorical stories designed to deepen one's faith in the character of God, to broaden one's spiritual perspective, and to bring healing through the love of God.

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Standing At The Wall finding hope in trials

Standing at the Wall

Do you ever find yourself standing at a "wall" and feel confused as to what to do next? In this book, you will discover the purpose God has for the "walls" of your life and learn that He has a beautiful masterpiece in mind.

The Runner- endurance for the journey

The Runner

Are you struggling with your commitment to God and to others? Feeling tempted to run? Follow a family's journey as they struggle with doubts, approval, distractions, and trust. Will they remain committed to each other and to their father or will the circle of unity be broken? Find strength for your journey in the pages of The Runner.


Can a bag of coffee impact someone's life?  Trail Youth's coffee is designed to do just that.  With words of affirmation stamped on every bag, this is the perfect gift to remind someone of their value and worth.  With every bag of coffee purchased, the money goes back into Trail Youth's nonprofit to help youth discover their potential.  Choose between two different blends! (Decaf available!)

Trail Blend

A medium-dark roast with tones of dark fruit, chocolate, cane sugar, and black tea throughout. Contains medium acidity and a satiny body.

Hope Blend

A dark roast with hints of ripe fruit, honey, roasted peanuts, cedar, and bell pepper. 

Lively acidity and deep body.

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