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Trail youth coffee home

In a world that is unstable and antagonistic, it is more difficult than ever for teens to trust people. Looking for a way to escape the bullying, rejection, anxiety, and loss of family stability, the enticement of substance abuse and suicide lures them down a trail of hopelessness in which some never return.  That's why Kristen Zuray, Tonya Guinn, and Wendy Laxton went to where they were at- on a trail in which the words societies' trash and worthless were carved.  By bringing coffee and doughnuts to them, trust was built, relationships were formed, and hope was given.  A coffee home was soon built and programs created with the sole purpose of restoring safety and value so that teens could reach their full potential. Trail Youth exists to create a safe oasis for those needing value, affirmation, purpose, and a future.

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story of the trail

Trail Youth's story began with a teen suicide and a grief support group.  A teenager who was involved with the grief support asked if Josh and Kristen Zuray could come to the Rainier Trail in Issaquah, Wa to meet some young adults who were camping out on the trail.  After getting to know their stories, Josh and Kristen were able to see the treasures that lay beneath the surface of addiction.  Tonya Guinn and Wendy Laxton joined in the efforts to bring specialty coffees and doughnuts to show value and love.  Trail Youth Coffee Home was born in the trunk of a SUV, expanded to tables set up at the skate park, and eventually grew into a coffee shop that offers mentorship, skills training, podcasting, marketing, and even coffee roasting.  

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Can a bag of coffee impact someone's life?  Trail Youth's coffee is designed to do just that.  With words of affirmation stamped on every bag, this is the perfect gift to remind someone of their value and worth.  With every bag of coffee purchased, the money goes back into Trail Youth's nonprofit to help youth discover their potential.  To learn more, visit their website or watch how Mike Rowe surprised me with my very own coffee shop!

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