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My Story

Like so many, I have lived under the heavy weight of false labels.  With words such as bottom rung and not good enough stuck in my psyche, I began to believe that these words were true.   When I stood in front of the mirror all I could see was the labels that others had put upon me.   I lived under judgement, lies, and shame, but then God stripped that away and put a new mirror in front of me.  As He took me on a journey to the past, I learned to accept the truth that I had suppressed and denied.  By accepting the pain of abuse,  I was free to see myself through God's eyes- loved, valued, and cherished.  No forms of abuse could ever make him love me any less.

This painful journey of retracing my steps, accepting my past and surrendering to my present helped me understand that my identity is not based on what people do or say to me, but in how I respond to them. My passion has always been to help peopIe in their struggles to discover their purpose.  I have found that purpose and identity go hand in hand.  If you are unsure of your purpose, it might be that you are unsure of your gifts, beliefs, and emotions that make up you.  Following this passion, I served in church ministry for 17 years when I moved into the non-profit sector co-founding a non-profit coffee shop for youth in crisis.  Knowing what it is like to believe the lies, I am passionate to restore their sense of worth and replace the negative labels with God's labels.  If you walk into the shop today, you will find "You Are" affirmations everywhere.  


Now as a life and mental health coach I can help others find their true identity and purpose.  You can read more about  my journey of identity through a fictional series, Redemption of Adi.  (Sequel coming soon!)

To set up an appointment with me as a private coach or to discuss speaking at your next conference, retreat, or event, go to the speaking/coaching page.

"I never existed.  I am mourning the loss of me." - Anonymous

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