Life Coaching

Before you can see your real self, the one with value, you have to accept the history of  yourself.

Photo by Kajeta Sumila

Mission:  To walk alongside those who are needing extra support and a safe place to process their trauma, discover their true selves, and chart their path to fulfill future goals.  Coaching is NOT counseling, therapy, consulting, or advising.  Coaching is communicating in a way that connects and motivates in a forward motion, looking toward future goals while dealing with the past to live in the present with hope.  I provide a safe, judgment free zone to explore dreams and goals and to remove obstacles that are preventing forward motion

What to expect
  • Removing Obstacles

  • Goal Setting

  • Igniting of Dreams 

  • Creating a Vision Statement

  • Accountability


I am a Board Certified Christian Mental Health Coach (BCCMHC), Professional Recovery Coach (CPRC), and Life Coach (CPC) with the Fowler International Academy of Professional Coaching, Net Institute, and Lighthouse University.  I work with:

  • Adults or Teens who are working with a counselor for trauma or addiction but needing additional support and accountability

  • First Responders who need a safe space to process the trauma they see.

  • Spouses of first responders who are struggling with secondary trauma and balance of life